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 Primetime Emmy Award Winning Actress .  Peggy has been nominated for three Primetime and three Daytime Emmies.


Hello Fans and Friends,


 I hope everyone has had a safe and healthy New Year.  2013 was a busy year for me. As many of you know I was nominated for an Emmy for lead actress in a drama series. I did not win, but Days of Our Lives won a well-deserved Emmy for best TV daytime drama. I accpeted the Obie Award for Days of Our Lives storyline about Alzheimers. My character, Caroline Brady, developed Alzheimers and Days sensitivity and knowledge of this disease raised a topic that many of our viewers could relate to. Many letters and praises were sent to the studio thanking the writers for this storyline and my portrayal of Caroline's battle and acceptance of it. 

I, along with several cast members, did a lot of traveling to meet our fans and promote our book "Better Living". The book reveals how several cast members maintain a healthy and balanced life. We greeted and autographed books for our fans.

I also attended the yearly Mayberry event and parade to honor the late Andy Griffith. As many of you know, I played Sharon DeSpain, the love of Andy's life. Episode 19, Season 3, which aired on February, 4, 1963 was titled "Class Reunion". It was the most-watched Andy Griffith show. They showed the episode on a large screen and many people from town, and those who travelled, watched it. I was also given a Key to the city.The Mt. Airy fans are wonderful and warm. 

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and fans for supporting me and my role as Caroline Brady on Days of Our Lives. We'll chat again soon.

Love, Peggy McCay







                                                     Caroline Brady "Days of Our Lives"


                                                                                           Created by Tania O'Brien